Breakthrough to the New You

Breakthrough to the New You

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Join Createthrough Coach Dee Savoy for this group coaching program consisting of 3, 10-day spirals focusing on mastering the three most important aspects of your life:
  1. Your PURPOSE — What does the new you look like to you?
  2. Your PRIORITIES — What do you need to do and in what order?
  3. Your PLAN — What do you need to do (and when)?

We rise to great heights by a winding staircase of small steps. — Francis Bacon


Take this first step in rising to new heights.  What you will get during the 30-Day Intensive Program:

  • Meditations and affirmations for each of the three cycles
  • LIVE 45-minute group coaching session at the beginning of each cycle
  • Downloadable Art and Writing Journal to be used during the 30 days
  • ACTION PLAN for continuing the transformation going forward
Although this program functions on a very pragmatic level, I always believe in dealing with issues on all levels–physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Each of these aspect will be addressed as part of my holistic approach to coaching.  This is why meditation, affirmations, creative art and writing journaling and healing sessions are an integral part of our work together.